Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 3, Fruit & Veggies

Today was fruit and veggies and was just a combination of day 1 and 2, but without the potato. ALL I want in the whole world right now is a pizza from Ginos. Erik said he would just be happy with a giant loaf of bread. ...As you can tell, we are starting to lose some momentum, but we haven't cheated! As of weigh-in this morning, I am officially down exactly 5 pounds and Erik is down 9. Seeing results is the only thing keeping me going at this point. I am desperate for any food that isn't a fruit or vegetable.

Here's what I ate... Breakfast was leftover applesauce from day 1. We did have to slightly bend the rules today as we were out Christmas shopping all day and needed to eat lunch. I researched ahead of time and we planned to eat at Panera Bread because their classic hand-tossed salad was within our "rules" since it was just mixed field greens and romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions. We substituted an apple for the baguette that normally comes with it and added a fruit cup. The catch? The salad had reduced fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing. This is where I feel like we slightly bent the rules. I researched the ingredients and it seemed the only ingredients in the dressing that I feel any guilt over were soybean oil and sugar. The other ingredients are water, vinegar, salt and garlic. This is the first time I had this specific salad there and, even as simple as my meal was, it was delicious! I actually decided to update my review for Panera on Influenster (Check out the other reviews for Panera on Influenster) They deserve an A. I love that place and they saved me from going hungry today while we were shopping! Finally, dinner was steamed stir fry veggies courtesy of Birdseye again, and strawberries for dessert. 

I was originally dreading tomorrow, because it is "banana day" but I'm actually really excited about being able to eat yogurt now after having nothing but fruit and veggies for the past three days. Although it's been hard, I have to admit that I can feel the difference in my body from giving it a break from "bad food." Although Erik and I generally make a point to eat healthy, taking a break from carbs and sugar has made a huge difference. I feel pretty good.

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