Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Dreaded Banana Day

The banana day was, as expected, dreadful. The good news is I was down 5.8 lbs as of this morning. I don't have anything too exciting to tell you about what I ate today since it was just bananas and milk (or yogurt). I pretty much hate drinking milk so I opted mostly for the yogurt. I couldn't find the Weight Watchers yogurt, so I substituted Chobani plain non-fat Greek yogurt. I only ate half my allotted bananas and can't force myself to eat anymore. I did just ok on my milk and yogurt too. I added bananas to the yogurt and it tasted good, but I did have to add a little Splenda and a few drops of vanilla to the yogurt. Basically today wasn't the best day and I really couldn't eat as much as I should have.

Erik and I precooked our meals for the next two days, and we are allowed meat tomorrow. To cook the turkey and chicken, we had to use some olive oil and added spices for flavor. If everything turned out ok, I'll post pictures and recipes once we try everything. We are officially over half way done now! Four days down, minus 5+ pounds!

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