Sunday, November 25, 2012

Excited to Blog Again!

Hello! This is my first attempt at blogging again after several years and I am excited! I like to share snippets of my life and have been on Facebook since I was in college... but it seems Facebook has changed a bit and I don't feel it necessary to post every little thing I do there anymore. Basically, my page turned into a way for me to announce major life milestones and to post more pictures of my dog than anyone else would care to see.  I'm a proud "parent," what can I say? I've considered starting a blog for a while because it would be my place to just say whatever I want without annoying anyone. ...But what really convinced me to break down and actually get this stated was my sister. She was showing me a website on Thanksgiving called Influenster where you can rate and test products and write reviews. I was so interested in this I immediately requested an invite (you can't just sign up, they have to want you). So I submitted my request and waited two long days, checking my email what seemed like every half hour, waiting like a crazy lady for them to give me the news. FINALLY I got my invite yesterday and felt like a little kid waiting for a package in the mail when it came. I am so pumped because, let me tell you... I'm such a sucker for advertisement and a huge critic of customer service. I spent years working in the field of providing client service and know how important it is. I have no tolerance for anything but excellent service because I have been there... so, I'm pretty tough when it comes to this. I'm thinking that this is going to be a great adventure. I can't wait to start sharing my findings with everyone! When I find something awesome  you will be the first to know. And when I find things that are NOT so awesome... I'll be glad to warn you.

Well, I am off to decorate the house for Christmas today! Much to my fiance's dismay, I am making him bake cookies with me today, listen to Christmas music, and decorate the tree! Don't get me wrong, he isn't a total scrooge... I just get far more excited than he does. I got Pillsbury Christmas cookies to bake JUST for our occasion today... Like I said... I'm a sucker. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

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